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Sponsor a Meal

Your contribution of any amount will help fund gift meals for Sonoma County residents who have lost income due to Covid-19. 

Thank you notes from gift meal recipients

* I am thrilled to receive a gift card from Feed It Forward!  Thank you very much from a family that really needs a little help at this stressful time. I am truly touched by your generosity. ~ Santa Rosa


*When I got your call, I wanted to cry!  Thank you so much!  ~Santa Rosa


*Thank you so much this is so amazing! It seriously means the world to me, brings me to tears! ~Rohnert Park


*WOW! Thank you so much! I can really use this now! ~Santa Rosa

*Thank You So Much for the Random act of Kindness. I will happily pay it forward.

~Santa Rosa

*Thank you so much for the gift card-Much needed, Really appreciated! ~Santa Rosa

*Oh my gosh, this is so wonderful and greatly appreciated! Thank you SO MUCH! This has truly lifted my spirits at a much needed time! Please thank the generous person responsible for the donation, from the bottom of our hearts! And thank you for organizing this!~Rohnert Park


* Thank you- I am not working right now. I’m a single mother and I have five children.~Santa Rosa

*Thanks for this sooooo much! ~Windsor

*I am a mother to a 2 year old and I have a disabled husband. I am the only bread winner and I make just enough for bills and rent working from home. After this pandemic I lost my job and do not qualify for unemployment. This is such a treat, I cannot believe someone would nominate us, and I also cannot believe someone would sponsor a restaurant meal for us. It means more than a meal to us. Thank you for your sponsorship. May you be blessed in return, the same way you have blessed us.~Santa Rosa

*Dios te bendiga. Los tiempos son dificiles pero uno tiene que continuar y seguir adelante. La quiero mucho y gracias por todo. ~Windsor

*Thank you so much for sending me a gift certificate. It helps out a lot and we really appreciate it!~Rohnert Park

*Thank you for being so kind. This helped my family have a wonderful dinner despite all the stress we are currently going through. God bless you. ~Santa Rosa

*Thank you so much for doing this! It's greatly appreciated ♥️ ~Rohnert Park

*Thank you so much for the gift card. I've been laid off for longer than a month now. No income at the moment. This card will help me a lot. Thanks again! ~Santa Rosa

*God Bless You All! ~Santa Rosa

*Muchísimas gracias! ~Sebastopol

*Most thoughtful thing ever! Fighting back the tears! ~Windsor

*Mil bendiciones. ~Santa Rosa

*Thank you so much for providing food for my daughter and grandson who have had to isolate alone for many weeks now. I know they will love receiving good food. ~Santa Rosa

*Thank you for your support in these hard times. Be blessed. 🙏🏼 ~Santa Rosa

*Love you Sonoma County! ~Santa Rosa

*What a thoughtful gesture! (Person who signed me up)- you always go above and beyond for others and this pandemic is no exception. Thank YOU and Feed it Forward Sonoma County for making me smile and providing my family with a meal! ~ Santa Rosa

*Muchas gracias y bendiciones. ~Santa Rosa

*Thank you! What a great way to support our community! Sonoma county strong! 💜I’m requesting on behalf of someone else. Thank you!  ~Forestville

*I just got a call that someone put my name on this list- Gracias!!! Thank you very much!!! I know a lot of people who lost their job...God bless all of you ❤️ ~Santa Rosa

*I am so grateful for the generosity of my neighbors. Together, we can make it through this unprecedented time. ~ Sebastopol

*Thank you for all you're doing to feed people going thru hard times. So appreciated!! ~Windsor

*Thank you so much for being so generous. I so appreciate all you do for our community. God bless. ~Santa Rosa

*Thank you so much for your kindness during this crazy time!!  ~Santa Rosa

*Thank you so much this would mean so much to my brother and his family of 4 total. Times are very hard for them and this would bring great joy thank you 😍 ~Sonoma

*Thank you for your kindness during this time. ~Santa Rosa

*Thank you so much for keeping the spirit and love of Sonoma County alive!!! ~Santa Rosa

*So very generous! We haven’t been eating out with no income coming in! ~Penngrove

*Thank you so much for your  generosity during these trying times, I greatly appreciate it. ~Windsor

*Se los agradezco de corazón. ~ Santa Rosa

*I want to thank the donors from the bottom of my heart that it really takes a village in the time of need! ❤️ ~Rohnert Park

*Thank you so much for the gift card. I have been unable to eat out much with the loss of income and my food is sooo boring! ~Sonoma

*Muchas gracias por ayudar a tantas personas en tiempos de necesidad . ~ Santa Rosa


*One of my daughters recently graduated from elementary and wanted to eat out as a treat since we have not been able to eat out for the last few weeks. This was really making her sad, but now thanks to the generous donor(s) her wish will come true. I am so thankful to whomever contributed to putting a smile on her face. We are now excitedly awaiting our gift card. Thank you , Thank you, Thank you! ~Santa Rosa

*THANK YOU.....thank you for the wonderful act of kindness. I will be taking my daughter out for dinner. I love this. AMEN. ~Santa Rosa

*Gracias a esas personas q se preocupan por otros en estos tiempos difíciles y por su gran corazón que Diosito me los bendiga siempre. ~ Santa Rosa

*YOU FOLKS ARE AWESOME. I LOVE what you're doing. Makes me grateful and proud to be a Sonoma Co. resident. Thank you! ~ Sebastopol


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