What does Sonoma County do in a crisis? 

We take care of each other.

Feed It Forward >> Sonoma County's mission is to support our neighbors and family-run restaurants through anonymous sponsorship of meals for people out of work during the Covid-19 pandemic.
What's the "Pay It Forward" concept?
We are all, at one time or another, the recipient of kindness when we really need it. If we pay that kindness forward by doing a good deed for someone else when we can, the kindness keeps spreading like a ripple effect and makes our world a more beautiful, loving place.
Our awesome group of Feed It Forward >> Sonoma County volunteers, who have never been in the same room all together at once.  Kristy, Kim, Roger, Andrea, Brenda, Liz, Laurie Lynn, Lisa, Roxanne and not pictured are Robin, Adriana, and Laura.
Feed It Forward >> Sonoma County is sponsored by Trees for a Change, a local business.

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